Building Exceptional Websites

Follow a few simple rules for better website design.


Most websites are designed to look good and navigate well on basic desktop computers.


Your website's content should also be responsive to popular tablet screen sizes too.


Don't forget mobile. People are using their mobile phones to access websites today.

Websites are easy to design. However, a “great” website design is actually quite hard. If you or someone you know is struggling to come up with a clever or catchy website design, try asking some of the experts. Taking a page out of the designer’s bible of long time salt lake city website design experts can be a big help in the long run. Here is what they have to say.

Tell Me Where To Click

Most of these website design gurus will tell you that the basic premise you should always follow is “get to the point”. You have to make it blindingly obvious where you want your visitor to go after landing on your website. If you are selling something, how do they find it? If you are educating them, what do they need to know?

Keep It Simple

This is pretty much a follow-up rule to the rule above. If you keep the website as simple as possible, it will be more enjoyable to view and easy for the visitor to see where they want to go next. Too much clutter on a webpage creates confusion and encourages the viewer to leave the website.

Choose Colors Carefully

These three c's of design are pretty basic but absolutely needed. If you want to create a website that states trust, blue is the color you need. Dark websites are hard to read and often look amateur. Make sure the colors are kept simple, are easy on the eyes, and reflect the content.

Sum It Up

As you can see, these basic rules for creating a website are fairly commonsense. We all know we want a site that is nice to look at, uncluttered so we can understand it, and is easy to navigate. Follow these rules and your website will be a winner.